Guerlain : the latest & greatest

Guerlain, the iconic French perfume and cosmetic label, has been a pioneer of luxuriant beauty for nearly two centuries. Founded in 1828 as a perfume house, the family business rose to regal status after creating a perfume for the wife of emperor Napoleon III. Today,the brand continues to be an industry trendsetter. Their fragrances, like the classic Shalimar or the modern Le Petite Robe Noir that debuted last year, are adored across the globe.

But for me, the ultimate beauty indulgence from Guerlain is this luxurious cosmetic powder.

I discovered this over 15 years ago and it was love at first use. The Meteorites Powder is made of mulit-colored pearls of powder that you swirl with a brush then dust onto the face to finish of your makeup look. It is designed to even out imperfections (i.e. redness, dark spots, dullness), comes in three shades, and leaves a subtle, luminous radiance like no other product can.  It’s not cheap (appx. $55) but it last for months and is my one makeup splurge (ok, one of a few makeup splurges).

Last year Guerlain unveiled a new perfume, but this year they have launched a fabulous cosmetics collection that’s as pretty on the face as it is in the package.

Honestly, I don’t think the products, from a functional standpoint, are anything spectacular or innovative. But they earn an A+ for beautifully chic packaging, and the lipstick cases include a mirror which is quite useful. But for now, this beauty addict will just admire from a distant and save the money for my beloved Meteorites.


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