The New & The Improved

The New  

I LOVE quality beauty products made by high quality companies.  Of course I want items that are effective and well-made, but if they are also created with sustainability and community service in mind then I’m definitely trying them out! My latest find that falls into this category is the one-of-a-kind brand ZENTS.

Perfumes, Soaps, & Concentrates from ZENTS

Perfumes, Soaps, & Concentrates from ZENTS

This eco-friendly, culturally-mindful company creates luxurious bath, skin and fragrance goodies that are are made of organic, fair trade, spa-quality ingredients (great for sensitive types that can’t tolerate synthetic fragrances). The company is run on 100% wind energy, uses packaging  made of recycled cardboard and only prints with soy ink. If that doesn’t impress you, ZENTS also donates $1 from each purchase to a charity of your choice.

luxury + quality + sustainability + community service = pure, rare beauty




                                                 The Improved

This famous moisturizer is celebrating 45 years as a skincare favorite with a slight makeover, in the form of added botanical ingredients. This improved formula was developed by the children of the doctor that invented Dramatically Different in 1968. I love to see new generations carrying on the integrity of their family’s creations. And like most of us, this yellow skin treat just gets better with age!


2 thoughts on “The New & The Improved

  1. Never heard of Zents! I know Clinique has a great reputation, but their toner burns by skin. The moisturiser is good – it’s light and perfect for summer days when you don’t want to wear richer moisturisers.

    • I agree about Clinique, Melinda. I’m not a fan of their skincare line, but am pleased to see they’re adding botanicals to the formulas.
      As for Zents, I just discovered their goodies and LOVE them. They’re based here in US and are sold in day spas or online. Despite the eco-chic origins, the products smell divine (Fresh is my fave) and feel very luxe, which I appreciate as as a fan of Coco, YSL Paris and anything from Tocca.

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