Two Skincare Products Worth Trying

I’ve tried a LOT of products over the years. Whenever I come across something that is truly effective and high quality I feel the need to share the love.


First Aid Beauty is a brilliant brand that combines functional, utilitarian style with incredibly effective ingredients that give luxurious results. I first discovered this line when I tried their Ultra Repair Cream, and it was love at first use. This cream can be used literally from head to toe. Micro-particles of oat flour act as the key ingredient to sooth sensitive, parched or irritated skin and provideĀ incredible moisture. I live in the desert, so dry skin is a way of life, but as long as I have the Ultra Repair Cream nearby, my skin is happily hydrated. If they sold this stuff by the barrel, I would buy it. While the brand says it can be used on the face, I wouldn’t recommend that for oily or combo skin. However, for body, hands and feet this rich, quick-absorbing cream is simply FAB.

Miracle Skin Transformer

Whenever a product uses words like miraculous or transforming I tend to react with strong skepticism. Such brazen claims remind me of late-night infomercials or pushy, insincere salesmen. So when I received a sampling of the Miracle Skin Transformer by Sarah McNamara Beauty I thought “What nerve, to give a beauty product such a name!” and expected to be totally unimpressed. But much to my delight, I was wrong.

This skin care goodie is similar to BB creams in the sense that it contains moisturizer, primer and SPF along with a sheer tint of color. However, unlike any BB cream I’ve tried (and there have been so many) the Skin Transformer has a unique formula that melts into the skin to create a velvety-smooth, luminous effect . It also provides a fair amount of coverage for imperfections without feeling or looking at all like makeup. It’s rich in antioxidants and mattifies shine without skimping on hydration. It works well when worn alone or under makeup. To call this a “miracle” is an obvious exaggeration, but I did see immediate improvement in my skin’s appearance, so perhaps impressing this skincare skeptic was the miracle.


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