Dollars and Scents

American designers are launching new fragrances as NY Fashion Week is the ideal to time to promote such things. Here are a few worth mentioning.

The Face                                    

CK Downtown

Calvin Klein is adding another eau de parfume to a large collection of popular fragrances. Described as “sophisticated, feminine…with a confident edge”, Downtown is comprised of neroli tunisia, cedrat, bergamot with touches of fresh pear and dewy plum. What I find most enthralling about this scent is not so much the product itself, but the genius casting of Rooney Mara as the “face” of the fragrance’s ad campaign. As a New York native and a gifted actress with an edgy personal style that is refreshing among the Hollywood set, she is a perfect match for the image this scent represents.

The New Additions                                             

Coach Poppy

Coach is relatively new to the fragrance market after decades as a leathergoods-turned-fashion label. Their Poppy fragrance line is described by the brand as “youthful and spirited” and that theme is continued with the release of two new Poppy scents: Citrine Blossom and Freesia Blossom. Both are comprised of sweet, floral/fruity notes based with bergamot. Freesia Blossom also includes raspberry and strawberry, while Citrine Blossom boasts mandarin and water lily.

The Remix

DK Gold Essence

Iconic designer of American style Donna Karan has released a limited edition spin off of the label’s sophisticated perfume collection. Cashmere Mist Gold Essence conveys “luxury” and “sensuality” according to the brand. Its key notes of ivy leaf, lotus flower and jasmine differentiate it from the original fragrance, but as always, Donna Karan combines simplicity and seduction in way that appeals to the modern woman.


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