Lip Candy


Fall makeup is all about bold lip colors – burgundys, plums, wine reds.Image

Unlike the sheer shades and formulas of summer, these darker hues can cling to any dry, parched skin on the delicate lip area and ruin the look. Here’s the easy solution to keep your lips looking luscious all season long.


1 BLISS fabulips set
2 PHILOSOPHY exfoliating lip scrub
3 LUSH lip scrubs
4 BITE BEAUTY whipped lip scrub
5 LAURA GELLER lip strip
6 SARA HAPP the lip scrubs

The best defense against rough, chapped lips is using a lip scrub about twice a week.

The ones seen here are effective and easy to purchase online. I’ve been a huge fan of Sara Happ’s “the lip scrub” for years as she has a menu of “flavors” like peppermint, creme brulee, red velvet cake…yum! If If you’re the DIY-type, below is a recipe for a simple lip scrub you can make in your own kitchen.



Always follow up the exfoliation with an application of a rich lip balm. Smith’s Rosebud Salve is my favorite as is Aquaphor. The Body Shop makes nice ones as well. But you obviously can find your own fave; I just recommend something that’s gentle and comprised of mostly natural ingredients. Image

In between lip treatments, always use a lip balm with SPF during the day (even if it’s raining!) The SPF protects  not only against the sun but also environmental elements (pollutants, food acids, etc.)  that can be harsh on lips. Put it on prior to any lip color, let it absorb for about 1 minute, then apply the makeup.

Now you’re good to go, gorgeous!

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