The World is Flat

the world is flat

Or at least my favorite shoes are. Today, the USA is celebrating the rather useless federal holiday, Columbus Day. As the story goes, Columbus “discovered” the New World after thinking the earth was flat and aiming to sail to Asia. So, to honor a useless holiday based on legends that 15th century Europeans thought the world was flat, I want to celebrate my favorite shoes : fabulous flats.

christianlouboutin-daffodile-1120127_V001_1_1200x1200I know many many women adore heels. They spend insane amounts of money on these supremely feminine, and brutally uncomfortable, styles (especially the ones with the red soles by you-know-who). But not I. My teens and early 20s were spent in Birkenstocks and Doc Martens,  forcing my feet into heels only for occasions when my go-tos were unacceptable. Being a taller gal made heels a bit awkward, as I towered over most whenever I wore them.  As my lifestyle and profession changed I added a few pairs out of necessity, but still preferred flip flops, sandals, Uggs, anything without a heel. Then “ballet” flats became chic, and my love turned into a monogamous fashion relationship.

So the rest of the world can have all the Manolos, Louboutins and Jimmy Choos they want; I’m at my best when I slip into my fab flats.  Here are some of my faves:flat out love


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