Luxurious Dudes

I was first introduced to this yearling brand by GQ, then saw them first hand at Phoenix Fashion Week last month. Gents, the apparel and lifestyle brand for men, has some very cool, innovative styles along with an ad campaign that oozes sex, luxury and indulgence. 

Gents 1According to their website Gents is ” a men’s lifestyle brand offering consumers the highest quality products with a fashionable and sophisticated design aesthetic.”

Basically, they make baseball caps in killer fabrics, like cashmere, wool and chambray. And for the beanie fans, they got styles for that crowd too. This brand is still building its collections, but they’ve put a luxe spin on the basics must-haves of most dudes: caps, tees and more.  And I’m quite impressed by their concept.

Gents 2

However, their marketing is not as impressive. The site includes a list of 30 “Gents” rules, too lengthy to hold this ADD-ridden female’s attention. While the overall content is lovely, it’s important to be more concise in brand marketing because consumers have more important shit to read (or sadly may not be fans of reading all together).  But for those of you that care to view the rule book, here ya go:


Then there’s the ad campaign. Perhaps it requires a lot of testosterone to appreciate this, ’cause to me it just seems like a misogynistic preppy, blue blood sex fantasy with a hint of homoerotic flair. But I’ll stay off the feminist soapbox and let you judge for yourself while I admire the male eye candy…

Gents 3

Overall, the brand’s collections are very appealing-functional, stylish and sexy. Tees, caps and such are staples of every modern guy’s wardrobe. To put a unique, luxurious twist on the ordinary and make it attainable to all is a recipe for mass merchandising succe$$. To quote the most ballsy fashion icon ever, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” *. And so far, Gents is just that.

*Coco Chanel


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