Monday, you bastard

I'm not perkyIt’s been a rough couple of weeks for me. Certainly nothing worth complaining about, just the kind of rough days that make me want to slip into super-comfy, oversized, worn-out clothes (not really suitable for leaving the house in), and lay around on the sofa, taking too many naps and not enough showers. Yea, I’ve been in a funk.

But all that stops today. Despite my urge to stay in this mental and style slump, I’m returning to the world of the living: being productive, active and stylish (or at least showered). But before I do, I want to pay tribute to the one thing that soothed me during these trouble times, the thing that embraced me in soft, gentle comfort and without words, told me “Girl, I’m here for you.” What is this source of soothing comfort? The sweatshirt. Here are some of my absolute faves:

Sweatshirt loving


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