The $62,000 lipstick & other obscenely expensive Holiday Gifts

Mad $ Christmas

Let’s say you’re spending the holidays with Bill Gates, Carlos Slim Helu or a billionaire Saudi prince and still haven’t found the perfect gift yet. Here are some items that are sure to impress anyone with limitless wealth or obscenely extravagant taste.

dec 18 post Bally Himalaya bootBally’s “Himalaya” boots are great for any outdoorsman or hiking enthusiast. Modeled after the originals worn by Sherpa Tenzig Norgay alongside Sir Edmund Hillary on his 1953 ascent to the top of Mt. Everest, these shaved deerskin boots are cozy and obnoxiously chic. Price – $2,500

dec 18 post lipstickGuerlain’s “KissKiss” gold & diamond-covered lipstick case is perfect for the woman that has everything. Priced at $62,ooo it exceeds the annual household incomes of most of the world’s population.

dec 18 post burberry teddy bearFor the kids (or awkward adults with stuff animal collections) Burberry’s latest teddybear is sure to be a hit. Made of black alligator skin with solid gold accents, it’s as cuddly as a briefcase and priced at $3,300.

dec 18 post balloon image

New Year’s Eve wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of bubbly, so be sure to bring Dom Perignon’s ” Balloon Venus”. This limited-edition bottle & bizarre, balloon-art set (designed by artist Jeff Koons) costs as much as a new midsize car. Price – $20,000



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