The Vacation Quickie

the great escapeScrew staycations. That’s what I said a couple years ago. I was tired of the poor economy and my limited budget hindering my zest for real travel and adventure. My solution:quick vacations. Studies* have shown that it’s actually the excitement and anticipation of vacations that maximize the happiness.  So with some stylish prep and planning, you can get a rejuvenating getaway that’s easy for your budget and your schedule.

– It’s all about the bag! (But isn’t it usually?) You probably have a go-to suitcase for longer trips, but those are drag to haul on a weekend vacation. Really, you do not need that much stuff!(and I know because I’m a recovering “overpacker”) Invest in a cute yet functional tote that will hold all your gear but still be easy to grab from the trunk of the car and stuff with any goodies you may bring home (like the Getaway tote, which unzips to easily expand).

stell and dot the great escape set image

— Every woman should have a travel jewelry case of some kind. There’s a lot to choose from, especially if you’re carrying small pieces or items without chains that tangle easily. However, for those of us that can’t imagine a weekend with0ut our statement necklace or layered chains, a deluxe jewelry roll is a must (like stella & dot’s Bring It)


-Scents make memories. A jet-setter friend once told me she enhanced her vacation memories by packing a specific fragrance for each trip, and not just perfume. She would bring travel tin candles along with small soaps, lotions,etc. in the same scent.

great escape Archipelago excursion travel tinsNot only does this set a luxurious relaxing vibe for your little getaway, but whenever you catch a whiff of that fragrance in the future it will trigger memories of your vacation, whether it lasted a couple weeks or a couple days. Archipelago carries lovely travel size scent collections.

L'occitane travel size


-Invest in quality travel size toiletries and keep them stored, ready to go. You will save yourself time packing by having a travel beauty bag on hand (which is crucial since you’ve only got the weekend!), and you’ll feel more comfortable and confident during your vacay using products that are proven to suit you well. I like L’Occitane’s collections and Sephora’s refillable travel sets with labels are great for packing your normal beauty regimen.

sephora travel set

Do not be fooled by hotels’ claims of name-brand or spa-quality shampoos and lotions among their room amenities. Why? Only twice during my years of domestic and international travel did a hotel or resort have truly quality products inside those little freebie bottles ; despite the label, housekeeping usually refills those containers with generic, bulk wholesale crap. Also, if you’re dependent on your styling tools (specifically blow dryers) bring your own! It’ll be worth the haul if you use it at least twice during the weekend. I once witnessed a horrific hair tragedy occur when a friend used a shoddy hotel blow dryer. Point is this: your getaway won’t be as fun if you break out from hotel soap or experience a bad hair weekend without a proper styling tool.

vera straighten up 2– Speaking of styling tools, save time and stay organized with travel cases for hot irons. Go for a version that is lined with a heat-protectant material so you don’t waste time waiting for hot tools to cool before packing them. Vera Bradley’s Straighten Up & Curl comes in 20 different patterns that are cute and colorful yet functional.


If you’re a serious style maven, invest in an oh-so chic train case for your cosmetics. I love the playful, modern prints on cases like those from Caboodles. Toting your beauty gear in style will give you an instant feeling of Jackie O. luxury and glamour while you’re traveling.

Jackie blue dress

Si  vas a hacer algo hazlo con estilo ~

If you’re going to do something do it with style.

So grab your bags and get going- enjoy your adventure!











*Studies Source:  Alexa von Tobel. “You Can Afford to Travel”,  February 2014

**Image Source:


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