LuBella’s Story

My Story

I’m a beauty connoisseur (ok, beauty addict actually), mother of two ( Luke & Isabella = LuBella) and a native of the Southwestern United States.

Since I was 12 and bought my first drugstore cosmetics, I’ve been fascinated by makeup’s ability to enhance and transform one’s appearance. As a teenager I began receiving skin treatments at the first day spa in my hometown, long before that term was really even used. From then on, I was hooked. In 2000 I began working for salons and spas in a variety of roles, accumulating a ton of pro tips and had insider access to top notch services and products. While I’m also a devoted fashionista, cosmetics are my real passion because they can work for anyone and everyone. Despite your age, size or skin tone the right makeup always fits!

For Men

Why would a woman blog about mens’ grooming products and style trends? Because I grew up with men that cared about such things. My grandfather was an old-school Southern gentleman;  tough and rugged yet always stylish. My father was a bohemian artist with a fondness for Birkenstocks, but he was always well-groomed: clean shaven with fabulous hair and even kept his nails manicured. So I know men do care about looking good (in their own unique way) but often do not get much exposure to new products, tips and trends that easily enhance masculine style.

I am SO stoked about beauty and this blog, I usually stay up too late and survive on lots of lattes, searching out the latest and greatest the industry has to offer just to share with you, darlings. I hope you enjoy it!


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